Leather Accessories

Leather accessories are essential additions to outfits for both men and women. The minimalist no-fuss design aesthetic of cowhide belts are the perfect way to complete the overall look of a garment while keeping your pants up. Genuine leather accessories that are both fashionable and stylish are hard to find these days but Furmoo has premium sourced cowhide products that are durable, functional and sustainable. 

Cowhide Phone Cases & Keyrings

Ready for life’s precarious adventures, classic leather accessories can be worn year-round as they are not only fashionable but functional. Whether you’re off to work or out to dinner with friends, creating new looks is as easy as combining functional pieces like leather keyrings with a trendy handbag or transforming your smartphone with a cowhide phone case to create a chic appearance. Investing in trendy leather accessories is an effective and sustainable way to update your entire wardrobe.

Timeless style

Forget fast fashion and seasonal “must-haves” that come and go with the wind, leather accessories are known for being timeless, which means that you can always rely on them to look fresh. They pair well with other pieces to create a harmonious and cohesive effect that effortlessly expresses your individuality and your style. 

From cowhide belts to cow keyrings, quality leather accessories play a significant role when it comes to determining personal preferences, tastes and styles. They give you unlimited options by helping you to maximise on every item you have and amplify your appearance no matter the occasion. 

Eye-catching cowhide belts

Never underestimate the power of a good accessory to transform your outfit. Accessories usually take up a minimal amount of space but their impact is huge. For example, combining Furmoo cowhide belts with virtually any pants or denim can take your look up a notch from casual to smart. This simple effect can be achieved with minimal effort and you’ll soon find that quality leather belts will endure becoming a staple in your daily appearance. 

Our beautifully crafted leather accessories will make an important contribution to how you look and feel. Proudly New Zealand owned, we have sourced and created eye-catching pieces that go a long way towards creating a stylish and bold statement. You may have several garments but leather accessories are necessary for sparking the magic within them. Please contact our team if you need any style advice about our range of quality leather accessories for your work, travel or lifestyle.