Welcome to FURMOO. We are a small New Zealand run and owned company.

Starting in 2016 - I walked into a store and my eyes lit up as I admired a beautiful leather cowhide travel bag. I walked over to claim this bag, turned the tag to see the price ... and immediately my heart sank and I left the store empty handed !

I thought to myself ... Why must beautiful items come at such a HIGH cost? This just isn’t fair!

I couldn’t justify the price of a small car for this bag...

So... FURMOO was created.

I travelled overseas with my ideas scribbled on a piece of paper, found a suitable factory and turned those ideas to life! From that experience came our original models (that were and still are like my very own babies). To this very day I still get excited to see FURMOO arrive ready to ship off to our amazing customers.

Currently we are a two women team, handwriting notes, shipping parcels, and making sure you, our customers, are the happiest we can make you with our beautiful products. 

Enjoy the FURMOO as much as we love bringing it to you!

Shelley | FURMOO

All leather and hides are a by-product from the meat & dairy industry. No hide is the same, each bag/wallet/purse will be completely individual in pattern.

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