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Quality Cowhide & Sheepskin Products

Fluffy sheepskin slippers are a luxury essential for daily life, and to get through the cold winters. Soft and comfortable, this footwear is always an important addition to your collection and every woman deserves a high-quality pair. Wearing these slippers after a long day is the ultimate in comfort.


Aside from the slipper design, it is important to consider the materials your slippers are made from. Selecting a quality option such as sheepskin ensures comfort, which is essential for your feet health. While these slippers are soft, they offer the advantage of being strong enough to withstand the effects of regular wear. They feel delicate on the feet but are actually amazing quality and durable. Our slippers are ideal for a long flight or a cozy weekend at home.

Quality Materials

Quality materials are our priority at Furmoo! We work to guarantee the slippers will last for a long time around the home, outdoors and as travelling companions. Picking slippers that have quality soles for longevity and a properly padded slipper is vital for comfort and long wear.

Size and Fit

New Zealand Sheepskin slippers are great for a leisurely stroll, going out and keeping the feet warm. Buying slippers that fit properly can help to maintain the good health of feet while serving as a stylish accessory that compliments various outfits. Make sure the fit is snug and the material is neither too loose nor too tight around your feet. Pick styles and materials that work well with your personal sense of style. Please contact our team if you need help picking the right size.

We provide a variety of fur slippers in Australia and New Zealand with an emphasis on sourcing for all our products responsibly and giving customers an opportunity to invest in high quality and comfort whenever they shop with us. Quality, style and comfort are guaranteed.