Tart Wool Socks

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Step into ultimate comfort with our snug Tart Wool socks. Crafted from Farm to feet, these socks are the perfect choice for cozy feet. Designed to complement our customers' favorite Tart print, they pair perfectly with our Tart Moodles. Experience instant comfort like never before.

How do I Care for my socks?

All of the socks come with washing instructions on their label, please make sure you follow them closely to get the best wear out of your socks. However as a general rule of thumb these are the things to remember;

Turn socks inside-out.
Machine wash on gentle cycle in warm (<40º) or cool water(<20º).
Use mild soap; no bleach or fabric softener.
Do not tumble dry.

If you are unsure of sizing, please don't hesitate to contact our team - hello@furmoo.co.nz 

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