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Sheepskin Pet Bed NZ Made

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How epic are these?! NZ made pet beds!! The team in the factory smashing out all these beautiful pieces for you! Cowhide patchwork!! Please note: You'll require your own filling- this item is the cover.  Dice is proudly modelling this bed for size reference (quick pose and he was made to get off it!!) 


-New Zealand made!! Right here in Christchurch

-Sheepskin and Cowhide top

-Quilted fabric base

-Requires your own inner 

-Patchwork cowhide

Measurements: (Please note: measurements are approximate.)

90 x 70 cm

Care Instructions:

Your new pet bed will need to be filled with an inner (use old cushions, clothes or whatever else you like!) With good care this item will last a long time! They cannot  be put through the wash.

-Spot clean with a damp cloth
-Regularly air outside
-Pet freshener
-Remove loose hairs by gently combing off

Please note:

The last 2 images are to show how they looked filled.

Variations in pattern and differing hair direction are a natural feature. Therefore, each item is completely unique. Measurements are approximate.

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Sheepskin Pet Bed NZ Made
Sheepskin Pet Bed NZ Made
Sheepskin Pet Bed NZ Made
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