Fur Man

Mens Leather Wallets & Leather Passport Holders

The Fur Man range brings an element of style and sophistication to everyday leather mens wallets and bags. Whether it’s a passport holder, wallet or leather satchel, men everywhere should be able to infuse elements of their personality into their belongings. These leather bags are perfect for work, and a gentleman who needs to be able to store his belongings on the go in NZ or Australia. 

As everyone is unique, they should have unique belongings. That’s exactly what you get when ordering from Furmoo. Seeing as we use the softest and most luxe cowhide and leather we can find, any wallet, satchel or passport holder you purchase will be individual in pattern. 

Our leather wallets for men are premium in quality and will last years to come. An added benefit is the fact that leather exudes a certain element of sophistication, and never goes out of style in New Zealand and Australia. 

We also aim to add an element of excitement when it comes to passport holders. Instead of following the crowd, stand out with our leather passport holders. Stylish, practical and perfect to hold your most precious travel accessory, these passport holders are great for a man who exudes confidence and style. 

The Furmoo Mens Range

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or the special man in your life, you know that the Fur Man range has something for every gent. Practical and versatile, the range lets men everywhere feel sophisticated and organised while also allowing them to show off their individuality. 

If completely unique pieces that seemingly get better with age is your thing, we also have a range of rugs, wallets and cushions that will take your overall fashion and lifestyle to the next level. 

You can also shop our sale items or range of luxurious and comfortable fur moodles today, these are also great for men. Don’t forget, if you would like some assistance as you shop our range of highly unique and sophisticated items for men, you can contact us at any time.