My Loss Your Gain

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As per the information on facebook .

we made an error and now you get the deal !

Please note these have slight  Imperfections .

65cm by 30cm by 30cm 

Leather and patterned cowhide 

adjustable leather shoulder strap 

inner pockets 

Information regarding these bags below ..

 We collaborated with another company ( she’s got some cool stuff ) here is the story ....
we designed up some bags .... this was a new thing for me and I was happy to help out providing some radical bags . But . When the first lot arrived it had spent quite sometime in covid lockdown and due to the packing (which was new to me ) she had some fancy bright colours ... some of the leather colours had transferred due to pressure and heat ! But wait ! There’s more , the size she had ordered hadn’t arrived ! These were monster travel bags !! So let’s say we had to put that shipment aside and wonder how the hell i was going to fix it ... well I couldn’t 😢
So we made it all again !
Which means I have some pretty cool bags that have some minor imperfections ...
we have removed all the logos and they are plain branded .
The imperfections ain’t huge and for some people it wouldn’t either bother them .
So I’m going to offer them to you !!!
At a pretty good price to (cause let’s be real I would just like to see some of my money again 🤭
My loss is your gain !
I’ve attached some images of the bags and the imperfections ( some blue piping has transferred onto the pink straps ) look hard you will see x
they are ...... $199 each (that’s lower than cost price !!
They had a RRP of $695
But you guys get them twice the size !
Who wants one ?
The brave the bold and daring 💝
They are kinda cool though 😉