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Cowhide Cushions & Pouffes

As we spend more time at home, it’s important to make sure your home stays trendy, comfortable and revive your living space with luxe pieces that are timeless and innovative. Cowhide cushions and pillows are a great piece to style your leather couch, or lounge chair. These fun leather cushions are the go-to home interior purchase that help transform your dining room, living room, bedroom or even your home office!

Cowhides are a natural product and no Cowhide Cushion is the same. Colours include rich blacks and browns to vivid whites, it’s beautiful when paired with a new sofa, suede couch or leather chair. 

instantly change the look and feel of a room while helping to create an organised and less cluttered space. Cowhide cushions have the added benefit of being extremely versatile, long-lasting and low maintenance so you can enjoy less time tidying and more time relaxing. Please contact our team if you have any questions when buying the right furry cowhide pillow. 

Black & White Cowhide Pillow 

The bold looks of a black and white cowhide pillow can add an interesting effect to any room or chair. Quickly makeover a room that has a neutrally coloured wall or plain carpets and sofa by adding cowhide pillows with a pop of colour in passion pink or exotic orange for a dramatic effect. 

Arranging several high-quality cowhide pillows is a good idea if you want to add an extra oomph to a room. Complement your cushions with a cowhide rug to tie the entire space together and make a real splash to your decor that will have you happy to spend more time indoors. 

Tasteful and luxurious

If you want to host guests, changing your cushions is an innovative way to set the mood for the occasion. Enhance the coziness of your home with a set of cowhide cushions that feature earthy tones and shades. Dress up your dining space or living area with unique covers that are great for creating a tasteful and luxurious environment. With the added advantage of being naturally hypo-allergenic and chemical-free, our beautiful cowhide and leather cushions are safe for those who matter most; your family, children, friends, and pets. 

Cowhide pillows are not limited to living rooms and sofas. They are great options for a lounge and keeping some cow skin cushions in a corner is useful for setting up extra seating when the home is full you are expecting guests for a casual get-together. Smaller cushions can be placed on chairs to provide additional back support and are highly resistant to wear and tear so they’ll look amazing for years to come.