Q&A! You asked now we're answering!!

We wanted to know what your burning questions for FURMOO were and now we’re here to answer them. While we can’t give away all of our trade secrets- we’re here to let you in behind the scenes and tell you a bit more about FURMOO!

What inspired you to start FURMOO?

As the story goes, Shelley walked into a store back in 2016 and spied a beautiful leather travel bag. She walked over to claim it but after turning over the price tag she had to put it back. She couldn’t justify the cost of a small car on one handbag, so it got her thinking…. She then found herself traveling overseas with her ideas scribbled on paper and found a suitable factory to bring those ideas to life! Now FURMOO has 5 staff members working between our office and online platforms as well as countless others hand making our items!

Who is the designer of all the bags? Are there any plans for new products?

Here at FURMOO, Shelley is often designing new products or changing the colour-ways! When coming up with a new product it goes through many phases before it’s ready to hit the shelves! First it starts off with a concept, then a prototype is created and sent to us. Shelley will then assess the prototype and make any adjustments until she’s happy with it, sometimes it can be a quick change or may require more work! 

Shelley always has something on-the-go so we will absolutely have new products joining the range over time! The best way to hear about a new release is by joining our facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/651630872017317/

Where are your bags/products made?

We manufacture and source our products from all over the globe! We have fantastic teams in Indonesia as well as India who manufacture our amazing bags for us- as well as some of our other products. We source our high quality cowhides from Brazil which Shelley gets specially air freighted to us. The reason for this is to avoid the 6 week travel across the sea- as the hides can dry out in shipping containers. We only want the best for our customers! 

Do all of your bags have floral lining?

Not all of them! Occasionally we’ll change it up and add another print or sometimes even just a plain lining. We do our best to keep our website listings up to date with this info however you’re welcome to email us and clarify this before purchasing! 

How has COVID-19 changed the way you run the business?

As we all know, COVID-19 has affected many people and businesses globally. We’re very lucky to have such great support from our customers who kept us going through multiple lockdowns! As you may already know we have items handmade and sourced from all over the world including Indonesia, India, the USA and New Zealand. A number of people in our teams in these countries have been affected by COVID-19 and it’s truly heartbreaking hearing the stories from them. 

As a way to continue business for us, as well as support them- we continue to manufacture and source from these countries. However some of our pre-order and shipping times may be extended as a way to accommodate this. As most of our manufacturers have been with us for years now, it’s important that we stay connected and support them as much as we can through these difficult times! 

Can we video call one of the team when ordering so we can pick out exactly what we want?

We love your thinking! At this stage we don’t have a video call setup however this may be something we can achieve in the future. Nothing better than a zoom call to talk about bags and slippers, amiright? In the meantime send us a facebook message or email and we’ll happily send images of items we have on hand to help you choose the perfect pattern!

What’s the difference between Cowhide and Goathide?

Well, besides the difference in the type of animal both hides have different qualities! Cowhide is generally used for bag making because of its strength and longwearing ability. This can create a more structured style of bag. Goathide generally has more length of hair on the hide, giving it a different appearance as well as the hides being known for their soft, supple feeling.

Do you do custom orders?

We do! You are welcome to contact us anytime via email (shelley@furmoo.co.nz) to discuss a custom item. We can change details about our existing bags or create something just for you! Let your personality shine through your custom FURMOO!

Please note: custom changes or creations will be quoted upon consultation. Full payment is required before the item's creation and custom items are non-refundable or returnable. Custom items may take longer than our 21 working-day wait depending on the order.

How can I stop my beloved goat (hide) from shedding?

That’s a great question! As our products are the hides of once-living animals, their hair is prone to shedding- just like us humans who lose hair as we get older! There’s no way in particular to stop this process from happening as it’s completely natural and may progress over time. What we can recommend however is ensuring that you carefully follow our care card that was sent with your item. By caring for your item correctly you will be able to keep the hide clean and smoothed down in it’s natural growth direction, to prevent excessive friction against the hair. 

What are your top 5 sellers?

We have a lot of popular items however our FURMOO herd seem to love the Leather Ring Satchels, Black + White Cowhide Wallets, Get Her Tote, Totally Tote and of course our famous Moodles! All of which can be easily found on our website! 

Thanks for reading and we hope that this has provided helpful answers to your questions! If there’s anything we may have missed or you have an enquiry about a product please reach out to us via email shelley@furmoo.co.nz

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